Blockchain Services

Blockchain Services and Solutions

We design distributed ledger technology for both public and private blockchains, including custom tokens, individual nodes, hash algorithms, and architectures. We program smart contracts for blockchain networks, providing decentralized network solutions for the e-commerce, banking, real estate, supply chain, and gaming industries.

Blockchain Disrupting industries


Improve underwriting accuracy, reduce administrative costs, streamline operations, and prevent fraud.


Improve quality of care and eliminate costly administrative inefficiencies.


Bring trust, simplicity, and transparency to processes.

What Alphosys has to offer

Product Integration Services

Integration of Block Chain Products into a complete business process, enterprise resource applications

Decentralized Applications

Improve Building trusted trading solutions after a comprehensive analysis and proven development methodologies and framework

Blockchain workshops

Goes through rigorous analysis in research through Workshops to present client’s ideas and turn into a full fledged application

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