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It depends upon the type and kind of website. Never the less, you can go both ways, but we highly recommend to go for CMS like WordPress.

Yes, definitely. This is what we highly suggest. Easy to Install, Easy to design, Plugin will do all the functionalities, Less time required to deliver, SEO Friendly.

There is no fixed pricing to it. It depends upon different factors like the number of pages, the platform that is used to build, the timeline, the content, functionalities like Payment Integration, Woo commerce, etc. To give a brief idea, a simple static website of 5 to 10 pages will cost within $200-$250. While an e-commerce website ranges from $500 to $1000. It can go upto $2000 depending upon the requirements.

Yes, websites that we will build will be 100% Mobile Compatible and SEO Friendly.

There is no fixed deadline to the designing process as it depends upon a number of factors. In short, a small static website can take upto 15 days for completion while an ecommerce site can take upto 30-45 days.

Yes, of course, while we will be in the process of designing the website, we will upload the files in the server just to let you know about the proceedings and the design, just to make sure we are on the same page.

There are tons of hosting providers but we recommend Godaddy , Hostgator or Bluehost as these are the most popular Hosting Companies and most importantly , reliable.

Yes, you really need to have. In fact it is highly recommend for the smaller business to at least have a website. So how do we showcase our products or services to the people globally.  Building websites is the best way that serves the purpose. It expands your niche. You can reach a broader segment of people.

Yes, before the final delivery of the website, it will go through some serious HTML Validation and Errors Test, making sure we it’s according to the guidelines of Google and fit for SEO.

NASSCOM and ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Yes, we do build Apps, basically Android.

It’s not mandatory but yes for security purposes, you can sign a contract to get the things done. It will entail all the plan of action, conditions, clauses that will be carried out for the campaign

Yes we do have testimonials and references. On request we can send our client references and about the testimonials.

We are having offices in Hyderabad. Work Operations are done in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Yes, of course, while we will be in the process of designing the website, we will upload the files in the server just to let you know about the proceedings and the design, just to make sure we are on the same page.

Yes, we do have flexible pricing, no fixed one. There is always room for negotiation. Pricing will be finalised after final requirements and campaign plans.

Our other services include, Content Copyright, SEO Services, PPC Services , Web Hosting, SMO Services, Mobile Application, Software Testing Services, Online Reputation or the Brand Management, E commerce Website Development, Logo Designing.

We can communicate through Email, Skype Call or Chat, Phone, Whatsapp. You can call us at +1-315-715-8447(US) or +91-7008022027

We are having over 4 Years of experience in this field, and served almost more than 250 clients all around the globe. For Reviews We are rated 4.5 in Trustpilot. We are also rated in Goodfirms. Please view our testimonials and portfolio. We are also on Google Reviews. We have served several industries and helped their business have a substantial growth in either getting more traffic or getting strategies right for their business. It includes both small sectors as well as large businesses. Some of the industries are pilates and yoga fitness industry, box packaging, lawn mowers, photography, real estate, boutique, shoe manufacturing, HR and Resumes, Jewelry, hotels and villas, tours and travels, magazines and media printing, surfing lessons, kayak tours, medical and hospital, automobile, golf lessons, home interiors, cake and bakery, etc

Online Marketing is more or less a technique to advertise your products, services online through digital means like Web, Social Media, SEO and Email.

Yes, you definitely have to go for the Conventional Marketing. With the growing number of users online, you should definitely think of beating your competitors before they reach out to your consumers. Online Marketing is a key tool to make this happen.

Yes, it definitely is. We have some good packages that will cover up the services. We do have discounts for the packages too. No, it’s not a One Time Fee but rather Monthly Subscription Plans.

Always remember, even Google says “nobody can guarantee the first page rankings” Then how do we do that? Is it true? It is certainly true. But this is also true that rankings can be improved if strategies are correct. One has to give everything right for the Keywords to rank it up in Google.

We normally take five to six months for the full results to come up. For some websites, rankings happen too fast even in a couple of months, and for some websites, rankings tend to come late. It always depends upon the keyword feasibility, the strategies used and website back end factors.

Yes, Digital Marketing is highly useful for small businesses. This is the perfect way to make your business reach to people within and outside your niche. Location doesn’t get limited. Global Audience for your website is what we can expect from Digital Marketing

White Hat SEO is an ethical way of bringing the Organic Rankings following the guidelines of Google while Blact Hat SEO is an unethical way following which the website can be penalised heavily by Google.

No Design doesn’t have anything to do with the rankings. Until and unless the URL architecture is changed, nothing will be impacted. Google doesn’t see the design rather it sees the content and URL Architecture.

Yes, You can, if you want otherwise we also have the provision of doing it the other way. We will recommend the steps to be followed and you can make the edits.

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