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Alphosys is a pioneer in the field of WordPress Development. With over 100 Websites build in WordPress, we have also built Plugins which helps enhance the performance of the website. On the top of that , wordpress websites that we build are highly optimized in every aspect, be it device compatibility, Image Loading , Backend factors, plugin Checks, etc, we ensure the best of performance.  WordPress arguably is one of the largest CMS used in the world today. It can also be said that WordPress barely has some competition with any other platforms. Gone are the days where the old conventional HTML and CSS Websites rule the chart. WHY USE WORDPRESS?? Why it became one of the most preferred platforms to build websites within no time. There are several reasons to it. Some of them are cited below.

Free and Open Source:  Most importantly, it’s the nature of WordPress that is widely preferred, it’s free so everyone can use the platform. And most importantly, one can write, modify codes to build plugins that enhance the working of the website.

Easy Installation Method and Easy to learn: WordPress Installation is so very easy because within a few clicks, it’s finished just like we get to install normal software where we don’t have to run our mind much in knowing how to install . The process is quick, fast and hassles free. The instructions are also quite user friendly that helps an user to know which step to move forward starting from the Folder Creation to the Database Connectivity. What about the Upgrade? Do we need to download the files again and again whenever an updated version of wordpress arrives? NO? See this is the beauty of WordPress. It lets you know in the Dashboard about the updates where one can update the wordpress version with just one click and this happens in less than in one minute.

Tons of Pre-Built Themes: What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we start thinking of building a website, it’s the design and look. Thousands of pre built themes are available in WordPress which makes job much easier for the designers or developers. Minimal involvement of coding is what makes the process so fast. The theme is there, all we need to do is to customize things and add content wherever required. This reduces the burden of building codes for every file, may it be for header, footer,  menu, etc. WordPress gives plenty of choices to users from where they can pick any theme they want. Of course, some comes free and some comes with paid version. And this is also obvious that with paid versions one can get variety of features that we don’t get in free ones. But there are also some free themes which does the job. This is the reason why WordPress is the most popular content management systems in the world today.

Beautiful Designs: Designs built in WordPress are very rich and attractive in looks which we normally don’t find in HTML websites. Designs are fresh, updated, as per industry standards. It’s strange how people get bored and lose interest within seconds these days. In that scenario, how important is the look of the website, that’s very important. To make someone remain glued to a website, what do we need, an aesthetically designed website, perfect web layout, wonderful images, easy to read fonts, and most importantly how fast it loads. WordPress in fact gives all of these features.

SEO Compatible and Mobile Friendly: Almost all the websites built in WordPress are SEO Compatible if we look into the current scenario. With the growing number of WordPress Installations and it’s popularity, the themes that are built now a days are mostly SEO Compatible and Mobile responsible. Things have changed in how people are searching online. Now a days mobile phones, smart phones and other portable devices have taken the maximum share of devices that are being used for searches beating the likes of Desktop. Gone are the days where people have to move to their system to search for anything on web. Everything is available on the web and these mobile phones have made things very easy for the people to search anything whenever wherever they are. So, how important is to have the website mobile friendly. Yes, it really is. WordPress websites are very SEO friendly, with plugins like Yoast SEO Plugin and All in SEO Plugin, we can make websites visible in Search Engines. Just a few tweaks and there we go.

Minimal Coding Knowledge and Preference of Drag and Drop Builder: For those who really want to learn building websites, WordPress is the best option for them.  One can really start creating an incredible website right from the scratch to its finish, thanks to it’s accessibility and very minimal use of codes. One doesn’t need to be technically strong to start designing websites in wordpress. Building with codes can be at times pretty confusing especially for the ones who are novice, so it is very easy to start with something which can give ample confidence to build something new of our own. WordPress gives plenty of customizing options where one can have a number of things done at just one click. Tons of Page Builder are available such as Visual Composer, Site Origin, Elementor, Beaver, Divi, Themify, etc. Some are paid while some can be available free of cost.

Woo Commerce Integration: How difficult is building a website full of products? Not at all with WordPress for sure. Yes, it is. WordPress is one of the best ways you can turn your wordpress theme into a fully fledged online store. A number of features gets enabled with one go. Addition of products becomes relatively easy and fast, no need of designing things, fast and reliable, custom functionality, easy checkout system and secure payment gateway integration, SEO friendly, etc. WordPress features and it’s marketing capabilities makes Woo Commerce the best e-Commerce platform for any kind of business.

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