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Digital Marketing happens to be one of the best and easiest ways to drive traffic and eventually get a better conversion rate in form of revenue to a website. This is where we come into play. One of the toughest challenges the website owners face is they get to design a website but how do they draw visitors from their targeted location. A lucrative and good looking design can attract anyone, but yes, rankings do matter at the same time. What if one has a good design but not able to reach out to people. This is where Digital Marketing helps. With the growing uses of smart phones and mobile phones, tablets and the lesser cost of internet, and evolving technology, reaching people has become way easier than what was very difficult in earlier days. It has made things easy in terms of marketing websites, products, and affiliates through different marketing techniques like Google Ad, Adsense, Social Media Channels, Online Public Relations, Paid Search, Organic Search, etc.

The number of people growing online is increasing every day. Thanks to the advanced technologies and accessibility. With the growing number of websites, website owners have to go through a stiff competition as every other business has a website now. Therefore it has been the need of the hour to embrace the methodologies of Digital Marketing. With so many options available in our arsenal, we always have the options to be more inventive and think out of the box , experiment with different strategies and tactics looking at our goal and budget at the same. This clearly gives us the option to always try something innovative and productive.

This is more than connecting to our clients and consumers. It’s strange that how websites have helped connecting with visitors within and outside the niche over the past few years.  Yes, it has been growing in numbers every year. Statistics says so. That shows how people prefer online presence to help their business scale up to a different level. It can work for any business may it be small or for a larger sector of industries. Because the methodology has changed over the years, one has to adapt to newer forms of marketing ideas and skills. Digital Marketing from the word itself means using digital means like mobiles, smart phones, tablets, social media, and search engines to broaden your reach to the audience that is both cost effective and measurable.

So what are the Advantages of Digital Marketing :

Audience Reach : A faster means of reaching your targeted end users and to find new markets for trading and small investments.

Conversion Goals and Revenue: We can keep a track of our visitors, their preferences, and ultimately can make things easy for them to make a purchase with a few clicks. This process is rather fast as compared to offline purchases.

Brand Creation: Every website with the passage of time will eventually turn into a brand if one can consider the key aspects of Digital Marketing. This is all about how we build our trust and presence online, so that we can generate higher amount of leads from our social proof and web existence. If we have to survive in this competitive world, then we must of think of building a brand rather than just a business. And this involves techniques like social media, blogging where we can directly communicate with the target audience.

Cost effective than Traditional Marketing Techniques: Unlike traditional marketing method, it involves the use of proper channels and social signals to reach out people on a larger scale seamlessly and immediate. A small business can too compete with larger companies if the strategies and plan of action gets perfect. We can save a lot of money by replacing the traditional marketing with the Digital Marketing. Yeah, that’s true.

Measurable Results: One can keep a track of the complete web analytics through Digital Marketing such as the traffic rate, the potential target market, the competitors, the keywords, the traffic drop, traffic behavior, peak rate, most number of visited pages in a website, the amount of time spent, devices used for search, etc. So what this helps is we can reanalyze the entire strategy looking at the reports of the campaigns run and create a new plan which can be more productive.

How worth Digital Marketing is?

If we are thinking Digital Marketing is worth, then it definitely is. Whether it’s a small website or a large ecommerce website, showcasing and marketing products is an art and Digital Marketing is the artist. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars upfront rather go through a trial and error process in which one can learn through the mistakes, analyze the wrongs, and try again. One has to buy some time to reap benefits from Digital Marketing. There are many things that might not work for the first timers but there are some things at the same time too which becomes a useful part of your strategy which will give you fruitful results on a long run. So, one has to be strategic enough to go for this. From advertising to Social Media to conventional paid techniques (Organic Searches and Google Adwords), it is imperative that we can start from a low budget, break the campaigns into smaller segments to see which things actually go in favor of our website and business and strategize things accordingly. Everything seems to be online today and people are going the digital way to get their things done as they are fast, safe, reliable, cost effective and measurable. This is all about optimizing website and focus on social channels to reach as much audience as we want. Digital Marketing is BIG, and we can’t deny.

Types of Digital Marketing:

We should always be aware of the techniques and strategies that will help drive traffic to the website because that’s the only sole reason why the website has been made. Most of the steps are tactically useful for Organic Rankings and others are solely responsible for mass traffic.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): This explains the process of optimizing the website to rank organically high in Search Engines. This happens to be the most useful tool to generate quailed traffic to one’s website.

There are three types of SEO:

  • On Page SEO: On Page relates to the fixes within the website like the Meta Tags , Meta Title and Description, robots.txt allowing which pages to be crawled by Google, sitemap etc.
  • Off Page SEO: Off Page Promotional Techniques relates to backlinking activities from high PR sites, classified ads, business listings, bookmarking  and directory submission, guest postings, etc.
  • Technical SEO: The Technical Part focuses on working on the back end of the website making sure the page speed of the website is optimum and loading time of the website is perfect for Google Spider Bot. Loading Time is an important factor in ranking of a website. Other factors are Structured Data, Rich Snippet Data, File Optimization, Image Optimization, Server Management, JS Optimization, Header Expiry Tags, Compression, etc

SMM (Social Media Marketing): We know how important Social Media Channels has become today. It is one of the trending techniques that most of the digital marketers have used to garner traffic and leads for their business. This also helps BIG in Brand Awareness. It helps to reach a greater section of people globally in no time. The channels that are widely used today are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and others.

PPC (Pay Per Click): A perfect advertising platform by Google in which advertisers ahs to pay a fee for the Campaign to Google depending upon the type and categories. It has also a number of options meeting the different requirements of the user. The Campaign can be Search Campaign, Network Campaign, Video Campaign, Display Campaign, Shopping Ad Campaign. See, there are a lot of options. This is in fact the fastest way to get your conversion rate higher as you can directly reach your end consumers within and out of your local niche. One can get a major hike in clicks and visits through this but again it has a fee, it’s not free. Yet it is effective at the same time.

Content Marketing: They say “Content is the King” and it has been rightfully said. It is the content which gives the website stand out in Search Engines. A genuine and a rich content is always prioritized by Google, no matter how the design is.  Blogs and Articles helps big in any kind of website. Info graphics is one of emerging trends in Digital Marketing where one can share a lot of information at one shot within no time. It actually saves a lot of time. Content Marketing also helps improve Page Authority.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is a technique which involves a paid commission to the one who promotes other’s products online or offline. There usually involves a profit of share to the person who usually advertises the products or services. Affiliates use a number of methods to achieve, may it be showcasing through You Tube Media, Social Media, Other Promotional Sites, etc.

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