Medical and Health Care

Dealing with the medical care environment requires ability to connect the whole biological system. From making Primary Health Centers more effective to building a powerful store network for medications and clinical gear to making clinic organization simple, Alphosys’ Healthcare Solutions have been at the front line of making it simple for the governments by assisting  huge corporate clinics by guaranteeing that the whole system runs smoothly. Alphosys has the right solutions to all your business needs be, it the Hospital Management to building platforms to help run a hospital. Technologies we use are Codeignitor Framework, Laravel, WordPress, Custom Open Source.

logistics and supply

Supply Chain

Supply chain management involves such a wide range of functions that it can seem daunting at times to manage , even to the most experienced international businessperson. There are major challenges particularly in this industry which seems hard to cover up like increased cost throughout the supplychain, volatility, consumer demands, quality customer service, risk management, fast changing markets, etc. Looking at these problems, it is the need of the hour to develop such a model to integrate everything into one leading to an efficient management of the entire chain system. We build applications based on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency that streamlines the entire flow of supply chain.  

Banking and Finance

How easy it has become handling from minute tasks to solving complex jobs. Thanks to the advancement of technology with times. Specially the Banking Industry has seen a significant boost over the last decades, quite understandably due to evolving technology and ease of accessibility to the people. Building and managing the entire system in a particular bank can at times be difficult too. Therefore, we come up with all banking and finance solutions from time time looking at the current trend of technology. From building application to design a framework for the banking system, we have the right tool and people to help you get a perfect plan for your finance management.  



A successful Supply Chain always revolves around a proper Logistics Management System. It is like the oxygen which makes the supply chain breathe and live because without a proper logistical support the movement of goods across a chain is not possible. Still there are several challenges which needs to be addressed to like changing government regulations, driver shortage, technological advancement, business processes, fuel costs, freight billing, rate auditing, and many more. We help build digital solutions for managing applications that can regulate the entire logistics system to function without any problems.

Travel and Tourism

Who doesn’t want to travel and see the whole world around. It’s the adrenaline  rush that pushes everyone to explore places with more convenience. Tourism is that kind of industry where we hardly can see a fall ever. But there are a few challenges which are yet to be covered. For the smooth function of the entire industry we have sketches and plan that help businesses to cope with the current situation and demand. We have helped businesses like Tours and Travels, safaris, surf tours, and many more. Services like Digital Marketing and Ad Promotion gives a lot of boost particularly to this industry and we help our clients to get that with our expertise.


Consumer Products

How internet has changed things over the years, it’s really hard to imagine. We can get anything with just one click. Thanks to the technology which is evolving in a rapid rate. From a simple needle to high tech expensive gadgets, we can get it on our fingertip. We help businesses to build online portals, websites, logo for branding, and promote them online to garner more customers. Consumer Products is one of the fastest growing industry and seems like it has no stopping any time soon. We help to build a perfect way to connect people to consumable goods and follow good business practices. With the use of mobile phones and portable devices , the growing use of apps is also seen in recent times which has potentially increased the use of more consumable goods and products online.

Real Estate

Everyone, in fact each one of us has a dream to build a house of our own. This comes through many unsolved challenges which are faced by customers. Whether you agree or not, with growing use of land for housing, there has been a sharp rise in housing frauds too. So, how to deal with this situation. For this there are a number of solutions explored by building a perfect channel and network from the land owners to the builders and finally to the buyer. People has to face a lot of common problems from visiting government offices to sanction their papers to find the right budgeted house. We build websites and Online Portals that help to track the transactions of land and other elements of real estate.

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