Restaurant Management Information System

Why Restaurant Management System?

Alphosys is a complete POS solution for Restaurants. We offer a complete solution from managing your business from setting up your inventory, purchase, sales & reports to it’s support and maintenance. Like a standard POS system, a restaurant management system helps you capture transactions and manage inventory with accuracy and generally run everyday processes more efficiently.Handling multiple customers at a time can be a daunting task. For such management, we often look for a software which seems to be more easier than managing manually.Challenges like staff hours and tasks, menus, and inventories is one of the major thing that needs to be managed more efficiently. Without a restaurant management software that can handle these sundry elements, there is no chance today’s food establishments can survive the way they do.

Benefits of Restaurant Management System


  • Easy Menu Configuration
  • User Friendly Order Processing
  • Employee Timesheet
  • Financial Management Analytics
  • Orders Inventory Management


  • Order Management
  • Reporting and Customer’s data
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Exceptional Support
  • Discounts and Offers


  • Call Center Management
  • Table Management
  • Employee Management
  • Inventory and Stock Management
  • Reversing of Orders and Invoices


  • Serving Time Management
  • Mobile App Integration
  • Payment Integration
  • Food Supplies
  • Online Order Tracking


  • Kitchen Display System
  • Easy Menu Update
  • Feedback System
  • Billing, Invoicing and POS processing
  • Tracking of Sales and Taxes


  • Printing of orders on different printers
  • Detailed Reporting and Accessibility
  • Loyalty and Reward Programs 
  • Gift Card Integration
  • Quick Price Change Management
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